A Long Time Coming…

January 10th, 2012

The past year has been an interesting process of hard work and waiting.  In the spring of 2010, myself and Dr. Jody Roy from Ripon College began a non-violence project with a group of inmates from Fox Lake Correctional Insitution in Wisconsin.  After an amazing year of discussions and insights on crime and the youth of America, we have developed a manual/book for at-risk teens.  The majority of the past year was spent waiting on final approval from The Department of Corrections, however, it has been accepted and uploaded onto The National S.A.V.E. Organization’s website…here is the link, and please share with anybody who could benefit!!! http://nationalsave.org/main/boysincrisis.php 

Here is a small sample of the article from S.A.V.E.’s website “…Dr. Jody Roy, SAVE Director Emeritus and Shawn Karsten, SAVE Regional Youth Advisor, recently completed a project with the inmates and staff of the Diversity Enhancement Program of Fox Lake Correctional Institution. Breaking Through to Boys in Crisis: Insights From Inmates is a thought-provoking compilation of their numerous discussions and inmate writings from the project. The content presented in the publication is intended to help people reflect on and understand the dynamics involved in some elements of youth criminality. The project sought to engage inmates in sharing their opinions and feelings about their lives before crime, the social forces and individual desires that lead them to crime, and the consequences they have experienced as a result… “

That time of year again…

September 1st, 2010

Today is the 5th year anniversary of my fathers death, and I am so thankful to the healing process the speaking has provided.  I’d like to thank every audience member that I have ever dealt with for reminding me why I do what I do.  You all are a true inspiration, and I can’t wait to meet more students and hear their stories this upcoming school year.  In a week I will be travelling to Illinois College to kick off the year, and can’t wait to see what other opportunities that visit will bring.



February 11th, 2010

Greetings from Charlotte, North Carolina’s aiport.  I just got done speaking at Hawthorne High School, and I couldn’t wait to post something about it.  It was a truly inspiring day.  I met some unbelievable kids whose stories will stay with me forever.  I can’t wait to see the successful path that lies ahead for all of them.  For now, back to the snow in Wisconsin.



November 8th, 2009

The past few months have been an absolute blessing.  I have been able to meet some truly inspiring people, and stay connected with some members from previous audiences.  Recently I have spoke at Illinois College, Oshkosh Lourdes High School, and the National SAVE Youth Summit where SAVE was celebrating its twenty year anniversary.  The inspiration I gained from youth along the way, reminded me exactly why I do what I do. In Jacksonville, IL, I was lucky enough to cross paths with a young girl whose mother was an alcoholic, and eventually took her own life last spring.  After she heard the speech we were able to sit and talk one on one for an hour and half, providing me with an experience I will never forget.  This is just one of many amazing memories that continue my drive to make a difference. 


August 5th, 2009

Hey everybody, thank you so much for checking out my new website and blog.  It’s been a busy and exciting summer so far.  I’ve met some amazing people and have heard some unbelievable stories that have been truly inspiring.  In early June I travelled to Washington D.C. and spoke at the America’s Promise Youth Alliance Impact Academy, where over 200 high schoolers from across the country met to discuss various aspects of service learning.  A few weeks ago I spoke in North Carolina for the Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE), Youth Advisory Board orientation.  Being in the early stages of my speaking career, it was just what I needed.  I was able to meet inspiring people of all ages, re-affirming why I do what I do.  Thanks again for visiting, and check back soon for more updates.



July 1st, 2009

Thank you for visiting my blog! Please check back often for updates.